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MP Tool & Mold specializes in design, development and manufacturing of injection molds and gauges for wide range of the Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, Medical & Packaging Industries.

MP Tool & Mold operates its Engineering, Development and Manufacturing located in Toronto, Ontario.

At MP Tool & Mold, we are focused on development of new key technologies in areas of plastics part, process and injection mold development and manufacturing.

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Designed for production of highest quality products, our tools are built robust to maximize uptime, reduce  maintenance and production costs.



Gauges & fixtures

We have Design, Build and Certification capabilities, to meet your fixture, gauge and inspection needs.

Our capacities

Techonology & R&D


* Silver Certified Moldflow Provider

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Our services include but are not limited to: Product & Tool design, Moldflow, FEA analysis and Manufacturing of Injection Molds.